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Serving the Greater Metropolitan area for more than 25 years

Tree Contractors of Louisville has been proudly serving the Greater Metropolitan area for over 25 years. Tommy and his team of experts pride themselves with excellent customer service at an affordable price.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is to cut down a tree or remove all or fifty percent or more of the crown, trunk, or root system of a tree. This usually needs to happen when a tree is dead or hazardous to its surroundings.


Stump Removal

Stump removal is extracting the entire stump, and all the roots attached to it, that is left behind after removing a tree.



Landscaping is the art of planning, designing and converting an area into a beautiful area. It can involve planting and caring of plants. Hardscaping and installation of various structures like walkways, patios, pavers, and decks also grabs the attention of your guests.

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Tree trimming is mostly involving thinning out overgrown branches. We do this because if left alone, trees can become unwieldy, with branches growing in various directions.

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Stump Grinding

If you opt to not have the tree stump completely removed, stump grinding will shred the remaining stump down to small woodchips.



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